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"Osaka Ohsho" was founded in 1969 near the Kowashiri Train Station in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is a restaurant renowned for its excellence in making Gyoza and quickly became a favorite spot for Japanese people to enjoy dinner. Over time, it expanded its menu to cater to the tastes of both Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Today, it has more than 300 branches worldwide, solidifying its reputation as a beloved establishment by many.

"Osaka Ohsho" translates to "The King of Gyoza in Osaka." Its standout feature is its handcrafted, freshly made Gyoza, which is grilled on a stove to achieve a golden crispy exterior on one side while retaining a soft and juicy interior. The filling is rich and well-balanced in flavor, making Osaka Ohsho's Gyoza the most renowned menu item.

In 2012, Osaka Ohsho opened its first branch in Thailand, located in Thonglor, Bangkok. 


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